10 Tips for Career Vision !!

To be successful in career, you should know what kind of work you want to do. By knowing what you want to do, your career may not be like your wish or change one by one, but you will know what kind of career you want and build yourself accordingly.

You can do the 10 questions to get a career vision:

1. What kind of job do I want to do?

2. How much responsibility do I want to take in the workplace?

3. How would I like a boss/team / cling?

4. How much time do I want to work?

5. Do I want to work in any type of company?

6. What kind of institutional environment do you want to work in?

7. If there is a chance, what kind of changes do I want in my career?

8. Which city do I want to live in?

9. How much income do I want to earn?
10. How much load, pressure, and deadlines do I want to take to work?

If you find the answer to these questions, get your vision, then start working towards establishing yourself as a qualified person, because now you know what kind of work you want to do.

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