8 Tips for Properly Handshaking Etiquette!!

1. If you do not have any reluctance to do the handshake, firstly you should stretch your hand, then your presentation will feel more friendly and professional to the other side.

2. When you are first seen with someone, give two or a half verbal support to the handshake beforehand, then increase the right hand to handshake. If you suddenly raise your hands without talking, the other side may feel nervous or miserable.

3. Do not junk more than 2/3 during the handshake, there may be more discomfort due to the other spatial side.

4. Look at the eyes of another hand while handshake, laugh and say a few sentences.

5. It is not necessary to hold hands with a heavy hand that you can handle a very strong, agreeable soft hand. While handshaking, holding hands or the hand of a man, you should keep in mind that no such difference can be expressed in your behavior, you are only handling a person’s hand.

6. Do not use handheld during a handshake, Handheld hand is considered as a political handshake. This handshake is not considered as a professional.

7. Try hand cleaning and dry before handshake, if there is a tendency to grip hands, try to erase the tissues or tricks with their pants/shirts, so that others may not understand. And if the other hand is wet during a handshake, then you will not try to remove hands with the handshake, otherwise, the other side may feel embarrassed or disgraced. Wait a little while, then afterward delete his hand unawares.

8. Look at the handshake while on the other side, look at the side of the other side with confidence, a smile on your face and tell some nice things.

Handshake the above topics in mind, you can present yourself as self-respecting, friendly and professional.

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