How To Remove Barriers At Work

The main way to do more work at work is to eliminate the obstacles that arise in the way of work. Obstacles in the work may come naturally. It can come from people, come from the paper, come from technology too. By using the time correctly you can get a gold deer hand. If you can save a minute, keep yourself under control, you can win, then you can fly in the sky and you can land in a place that is wrapped by the vessel!

Keep an eye on the time management problem:
Disruption varies by 2 hours every day or 28 percent of our work time. The time wasted as long as 19 minutes after moving away from a job. If you want to move away from work this way, you will waste a little over one hour per day. Sometimes there may be many e-mails. The amount of e-mail coming in every hour can stand 25 to 30. Sometimes the phone is ringing, people may ask, ‘Can I have a precious minute for you?’ Internet is something that gives us a warning about information in every moment. And this alert message obstructs our work. That makes us fail to control time. And we wondered why we can not control the time!

But now it’s time to say that there are some people who can control time in their own way. There are many people around us. How can they What is the secret of their friends? Psychologist Guy Hendricks mentioned in his book “Making Time / Creating Time”. Actually, the main way to control time is to work on the importance. The tasks that are more important are to be done beforehand. The rest will be seen later. Actually it creates a boundary for the job. And creating this boundary means sharing the tasks according to the importance and ending them in time. And when doing important things, you have to refrain from doing other work.

Determine the boundaries of the work which are below:
e-mails are kept off. As well as coming up with e-mail, the instructions and words that are made are closed.

Keep the mobile phone mute-silent.

Keep office doors closed.

Restricting access to the internet.

Going to the meetings that are called for a short period of time, do not waste your time and do not waste your time on the other side.

To prevent yourself from informal conversations as far as possible.

Be creative without being responsive. This means that after removing the barriers to the working days, take care of the work and proceed to finish the job in a certain time period. In this case you can follow Stephen Kovi’s ‘Emergency Vs Important’ method. Mr. The poet showed that all of those works are not really important in the works of the Argentine’s lace. Often these often waste a lot of energy and time. Make sure to sort them out which are really important. Generally, when we hear about the urgent things of others, it becomes responsive to the issue and we get upset to solve them.

Actually there are things that seem to be urgent? E-mail, phone calls, other people’s emergency work. Yes, you can do this if you have not done any job in seven days a week and 24 hours a day. But if you have a job, you must first give importance to your work. Then you will see the urgent matter of others.

Work with your boss, supervisor, partner and team members so that you can understand how well you are responsible for the company’s e-mails, phone calls etc. If you give 45 minutes to a project and answer 25 calls and e-mails, then you will see how much jam has taken at the speed of your work. Removing these barriers is the main mystery to work more in the workplace. Try to comply with them. The speed of the work itself will increase.

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