Types Of Toxic Employees Who Can Harm Your Organization

Here are the 3 types of employees who can harm your organization and what they should do to prevent their bad behavior.

What would have been good if all the staff were good! It would have been easier for all the managers and CEOs to do the job, did not they?

But unfortunately, at some time we all have to face the polluted employees in our company. Suspendants are omitted as much as possible during the recruitment process, but how many people are perceived in some interviews? Moreover, it may take months or even a few years to get rid of bad behavior.

Now the challenge is to identify corrupt employees and prevent them from mitigating them and eliminating them, but you can correct them.

Here are three types of employees who can harm your organization. Here may be some other type of malicious employees in your organization. In the comments section below, you can highlight the malicious employees of your organization.


Whine employees

These are those who look forward to the organization’s defect and complain to anyone who can get it. Perhaps other colleagues will tolerate this behavior, but at one time it becomes a cause for annoyance. They will not even talk about short matters. They bring out your inner fault and they want others to tune in with them.

In most cases, these employees have problems outside the work that they bring with them in the office. Now what should you do to identify those problems? Maybe not But if they are skilled at work, then you can talk to them about their personal problems.

Solution: Sit with these employees and tell them that you know that they are not happy working in your organization and ask what they would like to do. Want to know if everything is okay out of work. Maybe your employee can cry at this time. However, whatever you do, you will be aware of the reasons for such behavior and the employee will understand that everyone is observing his behavior. And it will work on both sides.



Gossip employee

These are those who make the most painful for your organization. Whether they are good or bad, any information is capable of spreading rumor. “I have heard that our company is going to be sold”, “Do you know that this person has met with such a person? It seems that they are going “,” In this company party, this person spent time with so and I heard that they were very intimate “- that is heard from their mouths.

Solution: You might think that there is no such employee in your organization, but believe it or not, such employees are also in your organization. What to do with them? First of all, try to know what kind of rumors they are spreading. If you have gained their trust from your employees, then someone will come to you and ask you whether they have heard what is true. Then you can tell your whole team that you are aware of the rumor and can completely eliminate it.

If rumors go out of control, then sit with such employees and tell them that you have got to know a lot of rumors, if they are told by someone else that you are notified. Tell him that you want him to make sure to stop spreading these rumors. He will understand that you have handed him the job without directing someone else’s direction.

The hidden employee

These are those who set low quality standards for their work, and each time they show you a lot better. But in reality they are far behind from their colleagues, but you are happy to see their work. As a result, you are giving up their low quality work.

The problem with such employees is that they work very low and when their colleagues see that you are satisfied with their work, they think it is normal to do this. They might say that they are also appreciated for little work.

Solution: What do you do about them? Set a smart target for them and ask them to stay in their place. What is a smart goal? Targets that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. As a result, they will understand what to do if they want to move forward.

Do you have a corrupt employee in your organization? The most important thing is how you build them as a better worker.

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